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Build On, ASEAN 2021

Let's build for good! 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is excited to announce the launch of Build On, ASEAN 2021, a competitive hackathon that challenges the community to create technological initiatives and solutions to address challenges faced by our participating sponsors. Engage, collaborate, and innovate with AWS.


(Singapore) Carousell - Junior
Champion: Miko
1st Runner Up: strong_man
2nd Runner Up: NoobHuarians

(Singapore) Carousell - Institute
Champion: Retype
1st Runner Up: WUTR
2nd Runner Ups: Oats & CloudWatch

(Singapore) Cognizant - Junior
Champion: 502
1st Runner Up: Carbno
2nd Runner Up: Jack

(Singapore) Cognizant - Institute
Champion: DOS
1st Runner Up: Dean's Arr
2nd Runner Up: WinningStrix

(Singapore) NUHS - Institute

Champion: DataMiners
1st Runner Up: Rolle
2nd Runner Ups: PhdBlazers & Ayataka

(Singapore) TechForShe - Junior
Champion: MSGA
1st Runner Up: WRSS Hackers

(Singapore) TechForShe - Institute
Champion: Clout9
1st Runner Up: Genesis
2nd Runner Up: Finnfire

(Singapore) Versent - Junior
Champion: Le Gandee
1st Runner Up: 5/5 No CS Major

(Singapore) Versent - Institute
Champion: ChangeX
1st Runner Up: Beyond Covid
2nd Runner Up: Carbon Economy

(Malaysia) Cognizant - Junior
wifi pAWSword
1st Runner Up: Cincai
2nd Runner Up: PenangMaker


(Malaysia) Cognizant - Institute
1st Runner Up: Talos
2nd Runner Ups: Hello World & Malaysia

(Indonesia) Fortress Data Services
Champion: The Big 4
1st Runner Up: Cloud Nine
2nd Runner Up: Golden Matrix


(Indonesia) Bandung Techno Park
Champion: AWS Buteng

(Philippines) AIDE

Champion: Erudites

(Philippines) Cognizant 

Champion: AWS gege
1st Runner Up: Code of Duty


(Philippines) FinTech

Champion: Exclusives


(Philippines) VBusiness
Champion: Unknown

(Thailand) DEPA 

Champion: blackbolt
1st Runner Ups: BMC & Worktory


(Thailand) OpenDurian

Champion: VMS Guild
1st Runner Ups: TWEED


(Thailand) Versent

Champion: Bingsu
1st Runner Up: Cassandra
2nd Runner Up: RubSub

Image 4.png

Overview of Build On, ASEAN

Hosted first in Singapore and Malaysia in 2019, we’ve now expanded the coverage of this competition to the rest of ASEAN: Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, and Vietnam. We are experiencing unusual times, and we would love for you to join us virtually.


Coached by AWS experts and leaders, you will get a chance to learn more about the fundamentals of cloud computing. Select one of the challenge statements provided by our supporting organizations and ideate on a business proposal. If your winning idea gets shortlisted, you will get to present your proposal and prototype to a panel of judges and stand a chance to win some prizes. A team of mentors will guide you from shortlist through to presentation, making sure you're ready for the  final competition.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and servers, you can access technology services, such as computing power, storage, and databases, on an as-needed basis from a cloud provider like AWS.

Cloud is driving Industry 4.0

More organisations and services are joining the cloud, and there is a higher demand for cloud-skilled talents, looking toward the fourth industiral revolution.


Who should participate?

Students and cloud enthusiasts with coding skills who are eager to create a positive impact in the business community with the power of technology.

The event will be in English, and participation is no cost.

Held across six countries this 2021

1. Form a team of 3-5 students in the same country and category (junior/institute).
Junior category: Secondary school, high School, junior college 
Institute category: Institute of technical education, polytechnic, university

2. Pick a challenge statement below.

3. Team leader to fill up the registration form and await further instructions via email.


Build On, Indonesia 2021

Institute category only


Build On, Singapore 2021

Junior & Institute category


Build On, Malaysia 2021

Junior & Institute category


Build On, Philippines 2021

Institute category only


Build On, Thailand 2021

Institute category only


Build On, Vietnam 2021

Institute category only


Build On, ASEAN 2021 journey and timeline

Dates are subjected to change, please refer here regularly for the latest updates.


11 June - 27 June

Learn in workshops

Image 19.png

Now till 27 June

Hackathon registration

Now till 30 June

Proposal submission


7 July - 22 July

Prototype development

Open to public, all workshops are at no cost

Submit proposals by 30 June, 2359 hours GMT+8


1 July - 6 July

Proposal evaluation

Results of shortlisted teams will be announced by 6 July, 2359hours via email

Hackathon registration closes 27 June, 2359 hours GMT +8

Image 21.png

Mentorship will occur across the development phase via Slack

Image 26.png

23 July - 1 Aug

Company finale

Shortlisted teams will compete with teams working on the same company

Challenge statements are on a first-come-first-served basis

More info will be shared via email

Exact date/time for each finale will be shared via email


Please join the Build On, ASEAN 2021 Slack channel here as this will be the main channel of communication. Updates will also be shared, and you can ask AWS and our partners questions.

This year, we are introducing a series of 'Learn' workshops that are open to the public at no cost for those who are keen to learn and upskill themselves.

Please refer below for the full workshop and training schedule. The instructors will inform the participants during the session on the software or platform needed.


Workshops are at no cost, open to public to join.

Beginning Python 1:

Python I/O, functions, variables, operators, data types, string manipulation

Instructor: Chung Yong Yang

7 June, Mon, 4pm to 7pm, GMT+8 Singapore Time

Beginning Python 2:

Control flow, Booleans and conditional logic, relational operators, if-else and while statements

Instructor: Chung Yong Yang

8 June, Tue, 4pm to 7pm, GMT+8 Singapore Time

Beginning Python 3:

Data structures, lists and dictionaries

Instructor: Chung Yong Yang

9 June, Wed, 4pm to 7pm, GMT+8 Singapore Time

Beginning Python 4:

Tying it all together - Creating simple programs in Python

Instructor: Chung Yong Yang

10 June, Thu, 4pm to 7pm, GMT+8 Singapore Time

Intro to the AWS Management Console; Building websites with HTML, CSS & JavaScript 1

Instructor: Eric Tai

11 June, Fri, 7pm to 9pm,

GMT +8 Singapore Time

Beginning Python 5:

Objects Oriented Programming in Python

Instructor: Chung Yong Yang

12 June, Sat, 10am to 12pm,

GMT+8 Singapore Time

Building websites with HTML and CSS & JavaScript 2

Instructor: Eric Tai

15 June, Tue, 7pm to 9pm,

GMT+8 Singapore Time

Deploying web applications with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Instructor: Eric Tai

16 June, Wed, 7pm to 9pm, GMT+8 Singapore Time

Database programming with Amazon DynamoDB

Instructor: Eric Tai

17 June, Thu, 7pm to 8pm, GMT+8 Singapore Time

Introduction to Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker

Instructor: Sun Chang

22 June, Tue, 7.30pm to 10pm,

GMT+8 Singapore Time

Deep Learning with AWS 1

Instructor: Solomon Soh

25 June, Fri, 7pm to 9pm, GMT+8 Singapore Time

Deep Learning with AWS 2

Instructor: Solomon Soh

26 June, Sat, 3pm to 4.30pm, GMT+8 Singapore Time

Image 29.webp


All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

At each company finale, the winning teams will receive*:

• Champion team: US $500 worth of gift card or shopping vouchers

• 1st Runner Up: US $300 worth of gift card or shopping vouchers

• 2nd Runner Up: US $200 worth of gift card or shopping vouchers

Any additional prizes provided by the company will be informed on the day of the finale.

The top 6 shortlisted teams per company will also gain networking opportunity with companies for potential internships or employment at the company's sole discretion.

Interested to take your idea further?

AWS will offer our startup programs, including AWS Activate  and AWS EdStart to teams, depending on the solution type, to help further develop their projects and commercialize it into a business entity. Respective program teams will grant admittance on a case-by-case basis. 

*Prizes are subjected to change by the organizer.

2020 Recap

Build On, ASEAN 2020 | Winners announced


Champion - Team Alibao and Team iinopuff

1st Runner Up - Team Noobmaster69

2nd Runner Up - Team Legacy Code

3rd Runner Up - Team SaveMyBP  


Best Presentation Award - Team Alibao

Best Innovation Award - Team Noobmaster69

Viewer’s Choice Award - Team Noobmaster69


Champion - Team AWSAPU


1st Runner Up - Team TinggiTecc


2nd Runner Up - Team AdaLace


3rd Runner Up - Team Brain Hacks  


Best Presentation Award - Team TinggiTecc


Best Innovation Award - Team AWSAPU


Viewer's Choice Award - Team AdaLace


Champion - Team HelloWorld


1st Runner Up - Team PIM Ranger


2nd Runner Up - Team Neos


3rd Runner Up - Team PurmianXZ


Best Innovation Award - Team Neos


Best Presentation Award - Team PIM Ranger


Viewer Choice Award - Team HelloWorld


Champion - Team Bobs


1st Runner Up - Team Bytesize Treats


2nd Runner Up - Team BLMNK  


3rd Runner Up - Team jAWS


Best Presentation Award - Team jAWS


Best Innovation Award - Team Bobs


Viewer’s Choice Award - Team jAWS


Champion - Team Semester 2 Setengah


1st Runner Up - Team AWSome


2nd Runner Up - Team Golden Matrix


3rd Runner Up - Team Cloud Meatballs


Best Presentation Award - Team AWSome


Best Innovation Award - Team Golden Matrix


Viewer's Choice Award - Team AWSome


Champion - Team Goal Diggers


1st Runner Up - Team EEEnnovators


2nd Runner Up - Team Ha? Hackdog


3rd Runner Up - Team CyberCode360


Best Presentation Award - Team Goal Diggers


Best Innovation Award - Team Goal Diggers


Viewer's Choice Award - Team EEEnnovators


Build On, ASEAN 2020
Hear from our past participants in the videos below